Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The kite runner

There is a way to be good again.

This novel is a very good one, I liked it very much.
It talks about the good and the bad in a strong comparison and at their being very close to each other. It is not the absolute bad, but in the course of life really small mistakes may ruin the whole thing.

Once Amir felt coward and didn't defend hassan and this is how everything changed in life, this reminds me of the movie derailed. When it is very hard to pay for your mistakes. Amir knew very late that Hassan was his brother, and hassan never knew, and this was a single mistake of the father, that he tried to pay it back. The father was always brave and strong, but a single mistake ruined it all.

The story ends at Amir trying to pay back, but after his soul has been torn for his entire life, and after everything was just reminding him of the bad memory.

Something very good about the story, that I got from it a good idea about the writer's country afghanistan, I felt how he is trying to pour his own memories, but without getting you bored, may be because I am seeing people of that community I was keen about that details.

I knew about taliban, and I saw how the religion's decision for adulterers, and how they should be killed that way if they are married, it is a some minutes mistake again, but this is how life goes.

I heard that the writer wrote another novel, but with my experience with paulo coelho I guess I will be satisfied with that very good piece and I will try another classical piece, guess it is the turn of Gabriel Marques. Let's see.


ميرام said...

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته ..

تعتقد فعلا في طريقة ليعود المرء جيدا مرة أخرى ..

طيب وبعد العودة هتبقى التوبه .. ولاهتستمر الحكايه ..
هو الخير والشر ,,, في صراع منذالأزل وحتى انتهاء الخليقه ..

شكرا على اختياراتك ..
مدونة جميلة ..
تقبل مروري .

anawafkary said...

و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته

شكرا للمرور و الاثناء

أما قضية التغيير فهي أكثر ما يشغل بالي في الحياة على الاطلاق

هوه الأكيد أن الانسان يتغير و أن هناك فرصة , و لكن التغيير بيتطلب تضحيات معظمنا بيتغافل عنها , أعتقد أن الطريقة المثلى للتغيير هو إرغام النفس حتى تتقبل التغيير

الله لم يخلقنا عبثا , تعالى عن ذلك , و لو لم نكن نتغير لما كان للحياة معنى , و الرسول يقول "إنما العلم بالتعلم و إنما الحلم بالتحلم و إنما الصبر بالتصبر"

أي أن الاخلاق و العلم تأتي بتعويد النفس عليها و إرغامها لها

وفقنا الله و إياكم للتغيير للافضل

شكرا للتعليق الرقيق