Friday, July 10, 2009

When it comes to Dustin Hoffman, he is the one who can play it just right. This movie is full of humane emotions and stuff that really touched a lot of lives I have seen.

-When you see Harvey (Dustin Hoffman) from the very first moment you would pity him. His is not doing well at his job, and he is then invited to his daughter's marraige, where he thought he will be man of the night.

At the wedding plans Harvey noticed that he was a stranger in the celebration mode. His own daughter wants her step father to do the father's role in the wedding. You would then see in the eyes' of Harvey his regret and depression, he would show you the bitter feeling of being lonely in a crowd and being unwelcomed. It was clear that he was just collecting what he prepaid by giving up his family earlier.

Harvey decides not to attend the rest of the celebrations and decides to go back to work. He then gets a call to be informed that he was laid off.

"Alone with nothing to be waiting for or living to" ..... This emotions that were best described by Mitch Albom in his novel for one more day. When you lose all the things that used to give you the illusion that you have a good life.

Harvey then meets Kate, a single old lady whose life is totally empty. She failed in getting love in organized dates by her friends. Again Kate shows you that emotions of sitting in a crowd without being interested in what they say, without feeling you belong to these group. When Harvey meets kate they are both coming from the same background of having nothing really meaningful in their lives.

Kate reveals a fact that I started to believe in lately. That what we are in currently is an impact of whatever we met earlier in life. Kate's father gave up her mother. She didn't see a successful relationship in love, she then didn't believe there is such a good relation between a man and a woman.

We need to see healthy examples in our lives to build a healthy relationship inside ourselves and to believethat things work. If it didn't work in our lives for some reason, we should notice earlier that this is not always the case.

Kate tried to push Harvey away. I myself don't believe that fast introductions can build a complete relation, but Harvey continues by all means to impress and get closer to kate. She then say it loud and clear, I don't want to get in pain. I know there will be a moment that we will have to go away and then pain will follow. That was all what she knows about love.

As we get older it is more hard to us to try to involve ourselves into the live of others to learn how healthy lives go, but we have to. Something needs to change in our believe system to know that things may work.

The movie ends with Harvey getting a call to get a chance back in his work, but he prefers to get the better chance. He continues his way with kate and he attends the rest of the wedding of his daughter which he decided before not to attend at all. He there asks to give a word, he said that his daughter has managed to pass the hard times he gave her at her childhood, and that made her more solid and independent. He thanked her step father for his role. What he did at the wedding made him more acceptable among the crowd.

I believe a good and healthy life is a thing to be learned. It is some techniques we need to learn.


ToonLand said...

Great review, I'll watch the movie,
I really trust your opinions so much.
I watched "If only" couple of days ago, and it was so good just as you said.
I'll be waiting for more great reviews.

anawafkary said...

Sorry for the spoiler.

wa7shny 2wy ya wad enta :)
Thanks for the comment

and yess, shofo 3la dmanty :)